• All~Waves Aquatics is a fully functioning aquatics program and strives to provide their clients with the best possible swim lesson at the best possible price.

  • Our program has 7 levels of swimming ability which takes students who have no experience and creates swimmers that are completely comfortable and proficient in the water.

  •  It is our mission to teach as many children as possible the importance of pool safety by creating an atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore the wonders of the water.

  • Miss Amber has been teaching private swim lessons for over 9 years, she recently has decided to take this love for the the water and teaching and make it a career/lifestyle. She loves teaching water safety and giving the parents of Orange County the confidence to allow their children to enjoy the wonders of the water.

phone: (714) 325-5804
Email me Amber@allwavesaquatics.com

All~Waves Aquatics supports California Kids Dental